Meet Nick – Our Lead Mentor

Hey there, I’m Nick 🙂


I’m building Acorn Masterminds to help entrepreneurs build businesses that last.

Based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Born in England, I wanted to be a businessman like my father.

Along the way, I learned about engineering at Cambridge, and computer science at UBC.


My business career has spread far and wide, working in 8 businesses and 11 jobs, and volunteering for 20 community organizations.


I guess I never decided what I wanted to do when I grew up!

I’ve met and mentored so many talented and amazing people along the way.

(Many of them I consider my closest friends.)

I know those feelings of rejection, stress, and anxiety in the business world.

I thought that I could build a better mousetrap, and that everyone would buy it… They didn’t. 😔

They say “good judgement comes from experience – and experience comes from bad judgement”. I have lots of experience.

I made many mistakes, and want to prevent you from making the same ones.

I’ve learnt not to be judgemental. My core value has become:


“Accept and Respect” – Everyone.


I’ve come so far, but I’m still learning every day. Contact me below, and let an Acorn Mastermind group be a part of your journey.