Frequently Asked

How to prepare for my first Mastermind session?

Before attending an Acorn Business Mastermind Meeting , participants are expected to have read and agreed with our Terms and Conditions, and have accepted our Privacy Policy.

How do I pay?

Payments for an Acorn Business Mastermind are to be made a week before the scheduled date. Invoices will be issued after the month-end. Sessions will be invoiced at month-end. All payments are to be made to nick@ardenbusinessconsulting.com via PayPal (CA$ or US$) or Interac (CA$).

How do I designate my charity of choice?

You will be able to choose your charity for donations at your first mentoring session. We allot time at the beginning of the session for each participant to select their preferred charity.

How will the Masterminds be run?

 Our Acorn Mastermind groups include up to 8 business owners and entrepreneurs with start-up or early-stage businesses. Our Agenda is as follows:

– A review of each member’s current issues and fundamental problems. – Deciding what charities to support. – Breakout sessions in separate rooms to discuss solutions. – A presentation on a relevant topic, either by the facilitator or guest speakers. – A discussion about applying the presentation topic.   – Commitments to actions before next month’s meeting.